Helpless left does not know how to respond

When the left warns of Films like the Hunger Games, Divergent and The Giver, it is time to take a closer look. They try to discredit these new films, but have no argument in support for their collectivist tyrannies.

The times and the thinking of the young generation is changing, the brutalities of socialism and all the havoc it has caused, the 100 million deaths caused by socialist governments is enough. The people are beginning to see through the Marxist and Malthusian lies. People are done with big government and all the redistribution it brings with it, done with all the negative impacts on markets by subsidies and regulations.


Staatliches Gewaltmonopol ja oder nein?!

Sons of Libertas interviewed Prof.Dr.iur. David Dürr.

David Dürr ist seit 1979 Wirtschaftsanwalt und Notar in Basel und Zürich, und er ist Titularprofessor für Privatrecht und Rechtstheorie an der Universität Zürich.
Desweiteren publiziert er in diversen Kolumnen unter anderem in der Baseler Zeitung und im Schweizer Monat.
David Dürr lehnt das staatliche Gewaltmonopol ab.